10 unpopular thoughts about the current quarantine solution

1. Instead of locking the whole world at home, wouldn’t it be more efficient to encourage everyone to follow a healthier whole foods plant-based diet and to strongly discourage eating sugar, dairy, animal food and processed food (which 90% of the world still keep on eating)? In this way our immune system will be stronger (alongside other benefits) and we will be able to cope with the disease with great success without needing to be locked down and praying to stay alive. 

2. Why are there so few doctors and public health care specialists talking about our diets? It’s time to do some research about how food can influence our ability to cope with recovering from the virus and infections I’d say. 

3. No wonder there is zero percent thought from the side of the health authorities about preventive health when it come to the corona virus. Because a) there is little thought about preventive health when it comes to any other sickness. b) It is, sadly, not mandatory for medical students to study nutrition. It is an extra curriculum. Like for a graphic designer to take a course about the philosophy of art – something nice and esoteric with zero practical application to distract them from the real work.

4. Doesn’t it make sense that what we put in our mouths three times a day can have a huge impact on our health?

5. If most viral epidemics like corona, SARS, MERS, ebola and HIV come from the animal world, isn’t it time to stop eating animals and growing them in unbearable sick environments while stuffing them with antibiotics so they won’t get sick? Why are there so few important people saying anything about that? The plant-based community has warned about these kind of viral epidemics for decades already.

6. So what is the plan? Most specialists say that the corona virus will still be here for months and possibly for longerA lock down of many months? And what about the next viral epidemics that are bound to come from the animal industry?

7. I don’t know about you, but in any case I want to keep my immune system really strong. For this I need to be able to go out, breathe fresh air, exercise, enjoy life, have fun, have social interaction and human touch – all factors that keep the immune system strong (and the mind sane!).

8. So we are keeping healthy people at home and by that making them more weak so the weak won’t get sick? Wouldn’t it make more sense to allow the healthy and strong to stay healthy and strong and try to make the weaker ones stronger? Otherwise, how will the healthy ones deal with the sickness after sitting at home for months and compromising their immune system?

9. The lock down rules and the police watch on the streets resembles the atmosphere during dark times of totalitarian regimes. It is enough to look closely at how China and Israel, two countries that were never ashamed to violate human rights, are making sure people are respecting the corona orders, to realize how quickly, easily and unnoticeably we slip into an oppressive banality of evilness.

10. What about all the people that will be unemployed and will run out of money for food and roof above their head? What about all the people that will get depressed and become mentally ill? What about all the people that are in risk of committing suicide? What about all the women who are suffering from a visible rise of domestic violence (as we speak!)? What about all the children who are suffering from a rise of abuse (as we speak!)? Which quarantine is going to save their lives?  Which line chart will bring hope into their lives?