Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods

I am beyond thrilled to see that the impossible seems to be happening and that plant-based cuisine is becoming more popular and more mainstream.

Having said that, I am a big supporter of the whole foods plant-based movement which stands for eating foods in their whole, original form as much as possible, with little or no processing.

The reason for it is that with highly processed foods, like refined sugar, the original molecular structure is broken down and transformed into something our intestines are not used to digest. In addition, during the processing, the fibers, minerals and vitamins are removed. It make these foods deficient on nutrients, that are essential for proper digestion and functioning of the body’s various systems. The body is digesting these foods by using minerals and vitamins that are taken from other tissues.

It worries me that many meat and dairy replacers, which are highly processed, are becoming the central player in people’s plant-based diets. Highly processed foods are demineralizing and weakening and are not a feasible alternative to the proteins from meat.

I was always convinced that the main reason of making a transition into a plant-based cuisine was to eat more healthy energizing food. But in practice we are switching from one unhealthy diet of meat and processed foods into another unhealthy diet of plant-based processed foods.

The main sources of nutrients and energy in a wholesome plant-based cuisine are whole grains, legumes (pulses, beans) and vegetables in addition to seaweeds, fermented foods, fruits, seeds, nuts and more. Tempeh, tofu, seitan and natto are also great sources that are processed in a traditional, natural way and that can easily be prepared at home.

Do you know how to incorporate these foods into your diets? How to cook it easy and tasty? How often to cook it etc.?

Be welcome to ask me and I’ll be happy to answer and give you tips and tricks…

On the photo: traditional Indonesian dish Gado Gado with brown rice, tofu, tempeh and spicy peanuts sauce.