Cooking Classes

Get inspired to cook healthy, easy and delicious plant-based dishes on a daily basis!

All the dishes that we will teach you how to make will be very easy, so one or two step recipes – so you can go ahead and start right a way.

“The recipes of Alexander are full of love and power. They feed you, on all different levels. Basic ingredients, easy to make, very tasty. Yummy. My kids recognize this. They love what I cook from his books. All time favorite: apple cake (kids love to make this themselves) and his Borscht.”

Elsbeth Tijssen, photographer, Venusian Kitchen, The Netherlands

“Cooking with Alexander showed me how easy and gratifying vegan cooking can be. I enjoy making these recipes over and over again.”

Rolf Snoeren, fashion designer, Viktor & Rolf, The Netherlands

“Witnessing Alexander at work in his cooking class makes it clear that good cooking doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. He drops plenty of useful tips, both practical and creative, that help me move around my own kitchen with ease and confidence.”

Ingrid Berger Myhre, dancer & choreographer, Belgium/Norway

“Alexander’s cooking classes are a great way to expand your repertoire with vibrant and easy recipes. While Alexander cooks, he gives a lot of information about the ingredients, the cooking techniques and how these effect your body. A big benefit of the cooking class is that Alexander also mentions how to adapt the recipes to a different season or to your personal preferences. Actually, Alexander teaches you how to cook beyond the recipe and to play around with its components every time you cook the dish at home.”

Sandra Rabenou, Cultural Researcher & Design Strategist, The Netherlands

Each class will focus on a different topic. The topics are listed below next to the class date.

Our classes are structured as a cooking demonstration (not a workshop). In the beginning of each class, Alexander will explain the philosophy and guiding principles behind healthy plant based cooking. The information he will use will derive from Western dietary approach, traditional Eastern philosophy and macrobiotic cooking. After the introduction he will demonstrate how to cook 5 different dishes that are delicious, nutritious and that everybody can easily prepare at home.

 You can also order us for hands-on private cooking workshops at the comfort of your home or on location for individuals, couples or groups. Contact us for information and prices.

“We enjoyed a lot, especially kids were over the moon as they really liked the way you involved them and provided them with tips and secrets on how to become amazing cooks. You made my 40th Birthday really special and this will be one of the experience we are going to talk about for many years to come. Happy memories. Thank you so much.”

Abhinav Jain, Product Manager, NL/India

Here you can see Alexander teaching you how to make a wakame stir fry:


Before the class you will get a print with all the ingredients.

13:00- beginning

Duration- approximately 3 hours

early bird, more than 7 days prior the event: 42,50 Euros

standard ticket: 47,50 Euros

10 classes card (valid for 1 year) which you can share with several people – 375 Euros


Sunday, 03rd of September, 2023, 13:00-16:00,

Vegan Ramen & Gyoza

Location: De Gibraltar, Haarlemmerweg 645-A, Amsterdam

Learn how to make delicious vegan ramen and gyoza.


Sunday, 22nd of October, 2023, 13:00-16:00 – Power foods for strong immunity

Location: De Gibraltar, Haarlemmerweg 645-A, Amsterdam

Many people get sick, feel weak or depressed during the cold winter months. In this class we will learn how to make strengthening and warming winter foods that will give you more energy, vitality and will boost you immune system during the cold season.


Sunday, 19th of November, 2023, 13:00-16:00 – Protein rich plant based cooking

Location: De Gibraltar, Haarlemmerweg 645-A, Amsterdam

Learn how to cook strong and nourishing plant based foods. Many people become weak after starting to eat vegan. The reason is that their diet is lacking in nutritional values and strong foods. In this important class we will learn what needs to be on your plate daily and how to add more proteins in your plant based diet.


Sunday, 3rd of December, 2023, 13:00-16:00 – Festive meal cooking for family and friends

Location: De Gibraltar, Haarlemmerweg 645-A, Amsterdam

Learn how to make delicious and indulgent meal for a rich festive holiday table. We will learn how to make amazing comfort food that your family and friends would love and keep on talking about.

“I followed more cooking classes from Alexander. Alexander is such a great chef and a serious macrobiotic/ plant based teacher. It’s a gift to yourself to follow one (or all!) his courses. I have a lot more energy and happiness in my life. Thank you Alexander!!”

Inger Aten, plant-based chef, The Netherlands

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