Cooking Classes

Due to the corona measures in the Netherlands we will host our cooking classes online for the time being. This gives an opportunity for friends from all over the world to join the classes and for the students to cook along. You will get a shopping list few days before the class, in case you would like to cook along. But you can also just follow the class by listening, writing and watching. Once real live events will be permitted, we will published an extensive schedule for few months.

 You can also order us for live private cooking workshops at the comfort of your home or on location for individuals, couples or groups. Contact us for information and prices.

We would like to inspire you to cook tasty and healthy meals at home on a daily basis. That’s why all the dishes that we will teach you how to make will be very easy, so one or two step recipes – so you can go ahead and start right a way.

Each class will focus on a different topic. The topics are listed below next to the class date.

Our classes are structured as a cooking demonstration. In the beginning of each class, Alexander will explain the philosophy and guiding principles behind healthy plant based cooking. The information he will use will derive from Western dietary approach, traditional Eastern philosophy and macrobiotic cooking. After the introduction he will demonstrate how to cook 5 different dishes that are delicious, nutritious and that everybody can easily prepare at home.

Before the class you will get a print with all the ingredients.

15:00- beginning

Duration- approximately 3 hours

early bird, more than 7 days prior the event: 32,50 Euros

standard ticket: 37,50 Euros

10 classes card (valid for 1 year)- 300 Euros


  Sunday, 14th February, 2021, 15:00-18:00 – Easy vegan in 20 minutes (new recipes)

ONLINE cooking class

Most people don’t cook daily because of lack of time and stress. Learn how to make tasty and nutritious vegan meals from scratch in no time and without any fuss in the kitchen. Have a fantastic dinner 20 minutes after you arrived home from work.


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