Private dining

We are happy to offer our services as private chef for festive events of small or big groups.

Vegan organic private dining for birthdays, dinner parties, weddings, event openings, romantic dinners, yoga, health retreats and other events.

Our principles:

Excellent taste that everyone loves.

Presentation and creativity.

Best quality organic ingredients.

Real cooking from scratch.

Health, nutrition and balance.

Care for environment and animals.


We are based in Amsterdam & London, but we are traveling world-wide to provide our unique festive plant-based dinning experience. Don’t hesitate to order us world-wide and please count our travel expanses and accommodation as an extra charge.

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“I am not vegetarian and usually my parameter for choosing food is the amount of pleasure I will get from it. The food that this young charming guy made was extraordinary!!! Highly recommended- a rare recommendation from usually a pure carnivor about healthy food”

Maya Schnaidman, guest, Israel

“Your beautiful plates and the fantastic food were the main attraction of our holiday. You made everybody happy: long time vegans and vegetarians, kids as well as skeptical omnivores! Our meat-eating friends from Colombia couldn’t believe they were liking it so much. My in-laws were so much looking forwards to each meal that they barely left the house during 3 days!
As for me, a veteran vegan, I had no idea there was such a variety of foods I still hadn’t tried. I learned so much; a delicious education and an eye opener on the possibilities of good, wholesome, healthy, balanced vegan cuisine.
Bravo! Encore!”

Mara Bertelli Sanz, Director Yoga Roof, Switzerland