Macrobiotics was there first

When I started to eat in a macrobiotic way 13 years ago my practice was considered weird and esoteric. When people heard that I was eating brown rice, fermented foods and avoiding sugar they looked at me with pity and worry and definitely thought that I had lost my mind. Back then the newspapers, magazines and … Read more

No clue what to cook tonight!

Many people have been telling me lately that they keep repeating the same recipes and getting bored with them, with very few ideas for new ones. This is not surprising considering that we’ve been cooking so intensely for ourselves over the last two years in our own kitchens with so little input and inspiration from … Read more

Moroccan-Israeli couscous with chickpea vegetable stew

North African comfort food Rich, big, satisfying, strengthening and relaxing. This is a dish for people who like real hearty food. I know this one from my childhood in Israel where people who immigrate to Israel from Morocco used to make this delicious chickpea soup next to couscous. This is a dish to become a … Read more

How to solve and how not to solve the current health crisis?

A health crisis can’t be solved by making people even more unhealthy. The only wise and sustainable way to solve a crisis is to have a helicopter view, where all aspects of life, health and human well being are being taken into consideration and where panic and fear are not parameters in decision making.   … Read more

Metal energy – how to eat a strong plant based diet?

The days are getting colder and the flu season is just around the corner. It is the perfect time now to give the body and our immune system a boost of strong energy – metal energy. Metal energy is controlled by the intestines and shows in physical strength, focus, discipline, authority and financial security. When … Read more

No excuse for not cooking

I keep on hearing people saying how they can’t find the time to cook for themselves. If you ask around everyone seems to be very familiar with the various series that are shown on Netflix nowadays. Many of my friends will also try to convince me very eagerly to watch some series that they think … Read more

Just promise me one thing – eat plenty of CARBS!

My precious customers, lovely followers and dear friends, I beg you, go out to the world, conquer it and feel free to do whatever you want, I will be the last one to judge, it is all yours. But please promise to me one single thing and this will be my only request from you. … Read more

Vegan strawberry tart for small celebrations

Small, sweet, friendly It is a Sunday afternoon. Your best friend is coming over. One that you haven’t seen for a while. Here is a reason for something special but that doesn’t demand too much work. Something cute, small, charming and sweet. For a tart of 12 pieces For a 30 cm diameter round cake … Read more

Corona virus – midway conclusions and an outlook into the future

In many countries the first wave of public shock and panic from the corona virus has calmed down for a bit and life slowly starts to get back to normal. Now we can look more calmly into the situation and make well thought-out plans for the future. Throughout the last three months we have observed … Read more

Polenta pizza with zucchini, asparagus and cashew cheese

Corn is a typical fire energy grain and it suits perfectly hot climates and the hot season. It is a fantastic comforting yet light dish to make for your friends or yourself on a hot and steamy spring or summer night. For 4 people Preparation time: 35 minutes Waiting time: 15 minutes For the cashew … Read more

ENERGY has won the most delicious vegan cookbook 2019

I am so proud and excited to tell you that ENERGY has won the price for the most delicious vegan cookbook of 2019. I want to thank each and every one of you for voting and supporting the book! We’ve achieved this together! As promised to you, I will soon start to publish your 10 … Read more

10 unpopular thoughts about the current quarantine solution

1. Instead of locking the whole world at home, wouldn’t it be more efficient to encourage everyone to follow a healthier whole foods plant-based diet and to strongly discourage eating sugar, dairy, animal food and processed food (which 90% of the world still keep on eating)? In this way our immune system will be stronger (alongside other benefits) and we will be able to cope … Read more

Quarantine thoughts and old photos

And suddenly there was time to pause. In the middle of life. In the middle of the world, it was quiet. I don’t know how I ended up going through all of these old photos. Once there was a time when I was young, or at least younger. Once there was a time that I … Read more

What to eat for a strong immune system?

Many people are very scared and are panicking because of the corona virus nowadays. The question is can we do anything to take better care of ourselves? I’m not a doctor, but I believe that the least you can do in the time ahead is maintain a wholesome diet and lifestyle that supports a strong … Read more

Sweet potato tofu croquettes with shiro miso – mustard dip

Happy to share with you the recipe for the sweet potato-tofu croquettes, one of my favorite recipes from my cookbook ENERGY. These croquettes are quite addicting and before you notice, you can easily eat A LOT of them, so make a big batch. Your guests and family would love it and love you. They are … Read more

The chef of the future

  A few days ago I was interviewed for a column of a Dutch magazine and asked what my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam was. My answer was censored and eventually not published, but you can read it right here. Dear reporter, the chef is always the person who is influencing the health of the people … Read more

The best kimchi ever

I made a lot of kimchi the last years in my cooking workshops and pop up events. Every time people taste it, they ask for the recipe. So here you go. It is all here. Make it, enjoy it and spread the word. Kimchi is a Korean dish of spicy fermented Chinese cabbage. What gives … Read more

On health, sustainability and whole foods

I assume that you also agree with me about how transitioning into a plant-based diet can have a positive impact on our health, environment and climate. So how can we encourage more people to undergo this transition? And how can you make this transition more easy for yourself? There are two factors that are often … Read more

Whole Foods vs. Processed Foods

I am beyond thrilled to see that the impossible seems to be happening and that plant-based cuisine is becoming more popular and more mainstream. Having said that, I am a big supporter of the whole foods plant-based movement which stands for eating foods in their whole, original form as much as possible, with little or … Read more