Just promise me one thing – eat plenty of CARBS!

My precious customers, lovely followers and dear friends, I beg you, go out to the world, conquer it and feel free to do whatever you want, I will be the last one to judge, it is all yours. But please promise to me one single thing and this will be my only request from you. EAT PLENTY OF CARBS! On every opportunity you have, at every corner, three times a day, eat a lot of carbs, as many as possible, enjoy the carbs, stuff yourself with carbs, take showers of carbs, feel how they penetrate your body and indulge in every little moment without any fucking guilty feelings because carbohydrates are really, really, but really good for you. Oh they are SO GOOD FOR YOU.

Lately many very dear, smart, kind, sophisticated and trendy customers have been kindly asking me to cook for them a low carb diet. And I very kindly answered to them: “over my dead body”.

I wouldn’t even know where to start to describe all the things that are wrong about this whole misconception that carbs are bad for you. Carbohydrates are constructed from sugars – sugars are used in our body for the very fundamental functions of providing us (or our cells) with energy, feeding our brain and playing a major role in digestion. When you eat too little carbs your body will malfunction mainly because you will lack energy to perform the simple as well as the more complex tasks of the biology of your body, the physiology of life. Carbohydrates are high in calories as they say, and that’s a great thing because calories are a measurement for Energy. And the more energy the better, right? (btw, this is the point where you should say, oh I should really get this new book ENERGY from Alexander!)

My dear respected, loved, educated and admired friends, clients and followers, please allow me to save you from this terrible agony, please, eat your carbs, eat your carbs today, I beg, eat your carbs every day, eat your carbs three times a day for the rest of your healthy and happy life.

I’ve been watching respected, smart, intellectual, educated friends heavily caring their low carb drag diet from the depths of the last century. Let’s break these chains. (Not so) new century, new trends.

I’ve never seen anyone losing weight on a long term by eating a low carb diet. In my experience I’ve noticed that people who follow a low carb diet tend to gain weight twice as quick as they lost it in the first torturous months of their diet. I have noticed that people on a low carb plant based diet feel weak, their body lacked tones, power, volume, they lacked vitality, you said it: ENERGY.

Btw, I don’t think that the ultimate goal in life is for one to lose weight. As far as I am concerned it is more important to feel happy, fulfilled and energized. Maintaining a weight and shape which is also aesthetic to some people’s taste is only a byproduct, the fruit of a healthy, well taken care of-tree.

The biggest misconception about carbs comes because most of us don’t realize that there is a huge difference between complex carbohydrates from whole grains, vegetables and beans and simple carbohydrates from white pasta, white bread, white rice, white sugar, alcohol and anything else which is refined and processed. The complex carbs digest slowly into the bloodstream and provide the body with a steady and constant supply of energy. The simple carbs digest quickly into the bloodstream and the body stores them as fat around the organs or around a bigger you. And this last type of CARBS are the ones that you should avoid. As a matter of fact I avoid them quite strictly for the last 12 year.

For the rest, my diet consists of probably about 80% of CARBS from whole grains, vegetables and beans. For those of you who know me also know that when I eat I eat shamelessly and whole-heartedly. I take time for eating and take pleasure in eating. And if you need any proof that a HIGH CARB DIET works see me doing yoga on the beach in Israel, but also be welcome to ask me to lift my shirt up when you see me and I’ll gladly show you how flat it is down there. When you look at it, please have only one thought on your mind, this is what the belly of someone who eats plenty, unreasonable, ridiculous, unapologetic amounts of carbs looks like.

I am looking forward to your scholared comments.

Love, Alexander.