The medicine of the future is the medicine of the past

We have become so dependent on medicines and other products that come from the pharmaceutical industry. Most human beings have lost all control, ownership and responsibility for their own health. We have forgotten how to examine and evaluate our own health and how to stay in balance.

Throughout history, people in many traditional cultures were used to evaluating their health on a daily basis and acting on their observations by making adjustments in their lifestyle and diet.

For thousands of years, and probably longer, human beings have relied on their intuition, wisdom and connection to nature to deal with physical and mental problems. I admire these people who know the powers of plants and what they can do to our bodies. There are so many plants out there that have medicinal and therapeutic properties and, in contrast to chemical substances, they usually have no side effects and cause no harm.

In addition to plants being used in a medicinal way, food was often seen in many cultures as having certain energetic qualities and influences on the body. As a matter of fact, everything we eat, everything that we take into our bodies, will make a difference to the way we feel, act, behave and think.

Understanding the qualities of foods and the impact they have on us is something that fascinates me. How can we use what we eat to our  benefit? What can we eat daily to nourish our health? What properties does each food have? To have this knowledge, to master it and to use it for our own benefit is a great power and a great tool.

I would like to see a society where people make a shift from being lost in the ocean of commercial and profit-oriented information to learning the powers of nature and connecting on a deeper level to their own body. I would love to see people who know their bodies, how they function and how to treat them in the best way. I would love to see people who fully own their bodies and their wellbeing.

After a long and exhausting period of not finding a cure in the mainstream medical world for the skin sickness I had, I discovered the healing powers of foods. After a week my skin sickness had gone. I started to study the qualities of different foods in order to master the autonomy of my own body. That was 15 years ago. Since then, I haven’t seen a doctor or taken any chemicals into my body.

I became a chef, a teacher and an author to share this knowledge with the world and to inspire people to discover the wonderful world of healthy foods. To me, health means autonomy, strength and vitality. As long as you are interested in what I am doing, I’ll keep cooking for you, writing to you and teaching you. Together, we can make this world a better place.