Spring cleaning+dashi broth recipe (ook in het Nederlands)

Written for VEGAN magazine, Spring 2015. Voor Nederlands zie onderaan.  The heart is beating while thinking that spring is here again. It’s this heart beat that gets you so excited before a new adventure is coming. It’s this same heart beat before the first day in school, or the first day at work, or a far … Read more

Once in a lifetime- my vegan trip to Brazil

In my mind I can still see the terrified faces of my friends to whom I told that I’m going to travel to Brazil. ‘Don’t worry’ I told them, it’s not as dangerous, many people are going to travel there. Saying that, I could notice their expressions turn even more worried and pitiful saying: ‘right, … Read more

Autumn is the new spring + autumn chickpea soup recipe

Nature has its own funny and sad, obvious and mysterious, simple and complicated ways. And by nature I mean the nature of our environment in this time of the year, the nature of our soul in this time of the year and the nature of our life in this time of the year. Throughout human … Read more

Cooling foods for a hot summer

My friend and vegan activist Debby van Velzen PMed me yesterday hysterically that in two days it’s going to be 30 degrees in Amsterdam and that she is urgently looking for an article about cooling foods. Now, I live in a country where people are born with a bike chair stuck to their buttocks, rain … Read more