The chef of the future


A few days ago I was interviewed for a column of a Dutch magazine and asked what my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam was. My answer was censored and eventually not published, but you can read it right here.

Dear reporter, the chef is always the person who is influencing the health of the people who are eating the food. The ingredients that the chef is using, the cooking styles s/he is choosing and the ENERGY s/he puts in the food will have a direct impact on the person dining. The chef is the one who has the most influence on the health and well being of the community. In this respect, being a chef is one of the most important professions in our society.

Ideally, food should be prepared from deep and attentive care for the community. Food should be served with love, with joy and care. It is an act of love and intimacy between nature, the chef and the community. The community should be endlessly grateful to the chef who devotes her/his time and life for the health, well being and peace of the community.

The reality however, dear reporter, is that most chefs occupy themselves with stars, prestige, success and commercial benefits. Most chefs are buying the cheapest ingredients, which are harmful for people’s health, without giving any second thought about the impact they have on our bodies. Moreover, most chefs tend to behave in an aggressive and stressful manner – energy which eventually ends up in the food that they’re cooking.

I must also make a personal confession dear reporter, about the manner in which food is served. I have never encountered such rude restaurant service as in some places in the Netherlands. As a client you are often treated with so much arrogance and disrespect that you end up feeling guilty for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This kind of attitude results in food that tastes exactly like arrogance, aggression and ambition. Nothing I really crave to bite on. Food is not about stars, it is not about prestige, ratings or success. Health, love, peace and well being is the main objective of food. Taste is just a medium.

For this reason, dear reporter, my favorite place to eat in Amsterdam is at home. It is the place where you can guaranty the best quality ingredients and cooking styles, prepared in the most calm, loving and caring way for you, your family and friends.



Photo: Nanda Moira Hagenaars