Metal energy – how to eat a strong plant based diet?

The days are getting colder and the flu season is just around the corner. It is the perfect time now to give the body and our immune system a boost of strong energy – metal energy.

Metal energy is controlled by the intestines and shows in physical strength, focus, discipline, authority and financial security. When the intestines are in a good condition, a person will feel strong, focused and energized. When the intestines are weak one might feel weak, insecure, depressed and messy.

Foods that weaken the intestines are sugar, dairy products, alcohol and drugs. Highly refined and processed foods like white rice, white pasta, white bread, cookies, desserts and baked flour products, especially the ones with yeast, are also weakening.

Highly processed plant-based meat and dairy replacements, such as soy burgers or soy milk, are all extremely weakening. Their molecular structure is so far removed from the original whole foods they were made from that they are lacking on minerals, fibers and vitamins, all essential nutrients for strong and healthy digestion (intestines). Only foods that are consumed in their whole natural form preserve their original nutritional values and energy. The more the food is processed, the more weakening it is.

Whole grains and root vegetables nourish metal energy and the intestines. They promote general vitality and also male sexual energy (look at the direction of their growth).

I’ve noticed that whole grains, beans (legumes) and root vegetables are often skipped or under-emphasized in the mainstream plant-based cuisines. In contrast to commercial meat and dairy replacements, whole grains, beans and root vegetables are the only source of real core physical and mental strength in the plant-based diet. They should be consumed on a daily basis. If you skip them for too long period of time, you will lack physical and mental strength and will start feeling weak.

So run to the shop and market today and get your grains, beans and root vegetables. There are plenty of recipes with these ingredients in my cookbook PLANTBASED.

Love, Alexander.

Photo: Vera Bos