Coming Events

We are so excited to have you joining us for one of our events. Expect creative plant based food, friendly and nice atmosphere and excellent natural wines.

Mercedes Leon loves to cook big meals for a lot of people and she is damn good at it! Her food is rich, strong and flavorful. She has been an expert chef in the plant based cuisine for the last 20 years doing caterings, teaching workshops and writing a blog. Mercedes was born in Cuba and that’s where she takes the inspiration for her cooking. Come and taste a latino sensation on your plate.
Cuban cooking is a melting pot of ingredients and cooking techniques from all over the world. Come celebrate the Cuban version of Caribbean cuisine and be surprised as to how simple ingredients can create an explosion of tastes.
Join us on Friday, the 21st of February, from 19:00 on at Westside Slotermeer, Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125, Amsterdam.
Women are underrepresented in the mainstream food scene. The majority of chefs, food writers and food personalities are men. We would like to provide a platform for women to highlight their talent as chefs and home cooks. In addition, aim to expose the public to the unique opportunity of tasting these women’s culinary wonders and hear their story.
You will get the chance to taste the miraculous foods of chefs, home cooks, refugees, mothers, grandmothers, stars of the culinary scene and experimental food designers. Powering each dinner is a woman with her own story, her own kitchen, her own voice.
All our menus are vegan and sugar free.
The menu: 29,50 euros (all courses included)
Fricase de ‘Pollo’
Moros y Crisiannos
Can’t wait to see you there!
Mercedes, Chieri, Alexander.