Sourdough Bread Baking Course


We are happy to welcome you to our extensive sour dough bread 2 days baking course.

What are you going to learn?

  • Making a starter from scratch.
  • Baking your own French style ‘Tartine’ method sourdough bread in an cast iron pan.
  • How to reach a well risen, soft and moist crumb.
  • How to solve problems of bread not rising enough, being too sour or collapsing during rising.
  • The science about the microorganisms active in the making of bread and how this theoretical knowledge helps us in making better bread.
  • Sour dough bread trouble shooting.
  • What to do with the discard (crackers, pan cakes, flat bread).
  • Making amazing Middle Eastern spreads soup and salad to serve next to the bread for example: baba ganush, tahini, pumpkin spread, pickles, arabic salad, marak catom (Israeli orange soup) and more.

This course is meant for complete beginners and for people who have some experience in home sour dough bread baking and want to improve their skills and get better bread.


We will gather in the charming and cute Greek bakery Olivity on Overtoom 239.


Sturday 18:00-21:00

Amsterdam on Saturday evening at 17:00 and have a delicious dinner . Alexander, the chef and teacher, will give a lecture about the sour dough bread making. we will mix the starter, make the leaven and leave it to ferment over.

Sunday 10:00-21:30

We will come back on Sunday morning and each person start to make his own bread. In the meanwhile Alexander will continue in a detailed lecture about each step of the process of bread making, common mistakes and trouble shooting. Around 13:00 we will enjoy light lunch together.

After lunch we will continue in further steps on the bread making and prepare it for it’s final rise. While in its final rise, we will make nice spreads, salads and soup that will go well with the bread. Around 18:00 we will start to bake the bread and finish with a dinner where we can eat our bread and all the other foods we prepared. You can also take you bread home.


275 euros including materials and meals

Early bird- 250 euros (till 27th of September 2021)


Saturday-Sunday, 09-10 October, 2021

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